Trees to See the Sky Through

Interior view of the hall of the hospital with image of a fragment of a pine tree printed on the glass surface.

Video Installations in elevators
Photographic printing on glass interior and exterior glass windows

Public commission awarded for New Hospital area for Malmö Hospital, Sweden

Budget: SEK2 800 000:-
Start date: October 2019

Trees to See the Sky Through consists of video installation embedded in the elevator ceilings, and two photographic print installations on glass windows in the hospital atrium and the panoramic staircase across 11 floors with the same theme.

Trees are traditionally considered healing or sacred elements across cultures. Each tree in the installations symbolize different places and climate zones. Trees are also used here to reinforce the architectural vision for the building in a structural sense. A single tree printed along the staircase from bottom to top becomes a metaphor that unites the building and the site.

Image editing: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Project Leader: Nils Magnus Sköld

Commissioner: Regionfastigheter Region Skåne

Installation Views

View of elevator hall showing video monitors showing films with motion activated by sensors. As one goes up in the elevator, the image comes nearer the crowns of the tree towards the sky. As one goes down the elevator, the image recedes back into the base of the trees.

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