Black Madonna Series




Father’s Day at the Shrine of the Black Madonna (2006)

A small replica of the Shrine of the Black Madonna was built inside a museum, creating a space for a congregation within the exhibition space. In this “chapel”, we hear a Sunday mass sermon by The Holy Patriarch Jaramogi Menelik Kimathi from the Pan African Orthodox Church in downtown Detroit…

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How Tables came to Umu Madu (2007)

In this video installation, we see Cardinal Mbiyo Chui of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church telling the story of “How Tables Came to Umu Madu” that speaks of what happened to Africa upon the arrival of Europeans…

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Black Like Him (2007)

Black Like Him is the final part of the Black Madonna Series and centers around a mass in a Black church downtown Detroit. It is a large, two-channel video installation that brings together all the aspects of the Church, the music and the life of the people in the Black Nation…

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History Does Not Matter (2007)

History does not matter is an exhibition at Brändström & Stene Gallery in Stockholm…

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