The Trilogy (1997-2003)

White Flight (1997), Man to Man (2000) and Kap Atlantis (2003) are large-scale video installations that combine historical black-and-white documentary historical material with newly filmed color footage by the artist. All three works result in an incisive preoccupation with the question as to how the past continues to affect the present, or if it is lost forever…

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Light upon Light (2003)

Light upon Light explores the new monotheistic rhetorics of contemporary global conflicts and brings in the rhetorics of non-territorial warfare…

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Deliverance (2005)

Deliverance is a poetic and melancholic journey through recent history, memory, the human capacity for faith and the need for reconciliation. It alludes to manipulations and catastrophes but also to reedom of expression and liberation. It is a reflection on…

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Black Madonna Series (2006-09)

The Black Madonna Series is a series of installations that follow suit to political themes initiated in the Trilogy. Here, the series of video installations take the history and the rituals of the Pan-African Orthodox Church as a point of departure for a renewed discussion on the human condition and means of empowerment…

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Men at Work (2009)

This exhibition is the result of the artist’s trip to Mali for a screening of the documentary film Black Nation. With the recurrent theme of the conditions of manhood and empowerment in mind, Hjelm sets out to calmly portray everyday life on the streets of Bamako where daily activities unfold at the wake of a transforming society…

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After Hours (2010)

What happens in the office when everyone has gone home? Who are we allowed to become when we meet outside the given framework? What needs are we suppressing under our work clothes? Employing an exact poetic imagery, Mats Hjelm’s video works explore political and social histories. In this new work, the place – the façade – becomes part of the work and a backdrop for .

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Taste of Salt (2013)

Taste of Salt is an exhibition about the poetics of the Atlantic middle passage consisting of a video installation, one film, photography and a musical piece…

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Where one is the other must be (2014)

Where one is the Other must be is a neon installation in Uppsala Cathedral in Sweden. It represents different interpretations of the holy eucharist…

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Molecular Monologue (2014)

“Molecular monologue” is a multi-channel sound installation in a Zen monastery. A female voice speaks the opening paragraph of a novel in several languages…

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Who The Fool (2015)

“Who The Fool” is an exhibition about the ebola epidemic in West Africa with video installations and a neon artwork…

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The Other Shore (2017-2019)

“The Other Shore” is a 4-channel double-sided installation whose main character is the Atlantic Ocean, and its histories…

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Healing Flows (2018)

“Healing Flows” consists of 4 individual video installations inside 4 radiotherapy rooms in a hospital…

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The Healer (2018)

“The Healer” is a 2-channel double-sided installation and photographic neon works about an mysterious prophecy for the 22nd century…

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A Riddle Within a Riddle (2020)

“A Riddle Within a Riddle” is an exhibition project with several single or multi-channel video installations and photographic neon works…

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Simple Sabotage Field Guide (2021)

“Simple Sabotage Field Guide” is large-scale 4 channel video installation first exhibited at Cecilia Hillström Gallery in 2021…

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